Sindy Chaves

Sindy Chávez PhD

Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Sustainability
Global Nano Network

I have 18 years of experience in research and development, and more than six years of experience in research administration. My areas of expertise are Microbiology, Cell and Molecular Diagnostics, Immunology, Biomedical and Applied Nanotechnology. I have experience in procuring funding for research projects, intellectual property, project management, translational research, managing large groups of professionals with different expertise, training people how to conduct research including clinical research, accreditations, strategic planning, and networking for collaborations with national and international institutions. I have experience working in Immuno-diagnostic Labs, Nanotechnology and biotechnology labs. I have developed diagnostic tests, smart stickers for detection of pathogenic bacteria in perishable food using nanotechnology, target protein discovery for diseases, creation of 100% environmentally friendly battery using molecular biology and nanotechnology, among others. I have experience working with mouse models of diseases, hybridoma cells, protein isolation and purification, human samples, and molecular biology techniques for protein target discovery and validation. I have experience in translational research, for that reason, I have worked closely with private companies to finance developments and place them in the market. Currently, I am the Chief Scientific Officer at GNN, a company committed with the environment. My responsibilities include development of new green technologies and manage the research and development team, procure funding for projects, technology transfer, product profile, amongst other responsibilities,

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